Library ELF

Warning: This service will be discontinued from December 2018

Library Elf is a third party internet-based monitoring service that will help you keep track of loans that are due or overdue, and requests that are ready for collection. It does this by sending you reminders and alerts by email or RSS.

The Dalton McCaughey Library is a Libray Elf library, and encourages its users to register for the service.

Registration with Library Elf is free, and immediate. All Library Elf requires of you is your name, email address and a password, and for you to accept their Privacy Policy. Sign up with Library Elf here.

Once you have a Library Elf account you are able to register your borrower's card with all of the libraries that you use and are supported by the service. Find the Dalton McCaughey Library and other local libraries under "International" in the list provided.

You can determine when and how often you want notices and reminders to be sent to you, and by what delivery method.