Borrowing limits

Researchers may borrow up to 30 books at a time for 4 weeks.  Other borrowers are entitled to 20 for 2 weeks. You will not be able to borrow items from the Reserve collection or which have been designated 7 day loans unless you have full borrowing privileges (you are a student or faculty member of Pilgrim Theological College, Jesuit College of Spirituality or Trinity College Theological School).


Loans may be renewed provided the books haven't been requested by another borrower. Seven day loans may be renewed only once. You may renew your own books at "My Account" in the computer catalogue, or ask a member of staff, at the library or by phone, to do it for you.


You may request a book which is on loan to another borrower to be held for you when it is returned. Click on the Request item button in the computer catalogue. Enter your library bar code number (the string of digits after the zeros is sufficient) as your User ID and your postcode as your password. (If you have told the library you wish to use a password other than your postcode, enter that) You will be notified by email when the book has been returned. Please collect the book promptly, or immediately notify the library if you no longer require it, so it can be made available to other borrowers.

Distance Borrowers

If you live in the country or interstate, you will be registered as a "Distance Borrower" unless you are a student of the University of Divinity and attending weekly classes, in person. As a Distance Borrower you are entitled to 20 books at a time for loan periods of four weeks (which can be renewed) and you may request us to send you books through the mail: We will invoice you for our postage costs.

Recalling a loan

We will recall loans that are overdue, if wanted by another borrower. Do tell us if you need a book that someone else is being slow to return. If one of your loans is recalled, you must return it promptly or you will be fined egregiously.

Reciprocal borrowing arrangements

Borrowers with full membership may borrow from The University of Melbourne libraries, Trinity College Library, and the libraries of other Colleges of the University of Divinity. A letter of introduction is necessary for The University of Melbourne. It is available at the loans desk.

Overdue books

Overdue books accrue fines which you will have to deal with once they total $12. You can reset a loan through the renewal process.

Your liability

You are liable for the value of a book which is lost or damaged whilst in your care, and for a contribution ($25) to the Library's administration costs that are caused by the loss of a book.