Individual membership

Enrolment forms can be found here.

You may become a borrower by paying the Library membership fee which is $220 (for twelve months) or $120 (for six months). The following persons are entitled to a borrowing card without payment of the fee.

  1. -  Students of the University of Divinity
  2. -  Faculty members and other lecturers and tutors of Pilgrim Theological College
  3. -  Staff of the Centre for Theology and Ministry
  4. -  Visiting scholars recommended to the Library by Pilgrim Theological College, Trinity College Theological School or the Society of Jesus
  5. -  Members of the Society of Jesus and members of staff of bodies or institutions sponsored or supported by the Society who are recommended to Council by the Provincial
    • Faculty members and other lecturers, tutors and staff of Jesuit College of Spirituality
  6. -  Ordained ministers of the Uniting Church in Australia, Synod of Victoria and Tasmania
  7. -  Lay Pastors, Youth Workers, Community Ministers, Accredited Lay Preachers, Pastors (or equivalent, such as youth leader, pastoral visitor, worship leader or children and family worker currently in a recognised placement or appointment) in the UCA, Synod of Victoria and Tasmania
  8. -  Candidates for Specified Ministries of the UCA, Synod of Victoria and Tasmania undertaking required studies (including candidates not at Pilgrim Theological College or the University of Divinity)
  9. -  Endorsed UCA members in ministry with children
  10. -  The staff of Trinity College and members of Trinity College who are students of The University of Melbourne and/or Trinity College Theological School
  11. -  Licensed clergy of the Anglican Province of Victoria
  12. -  Faculty members of a Recognized Teaching Institution of the University of Divinity, including adjunct lecturers who are recommended by the Principal of their institution.
  13. -  Faculty members of the Presbyterian Theological Hall.
  14. -  The Master, Deans, Fellows, Directors of Studies, Resident Tutors and Librarians of Ormond and Queen's Colleges at The University of Melbourne
  15. -  Student residents of Ormond and Queen's Colleges
  16. -  Undergraduate and postgraduate students, and staff, of The University of Melbourne