Library regulations


These rules have been formulated to promote the orderly use and the security of the Dalton McCaughey Library's collections.


1.Admission to the Library, as distinct from eligibility to become a borrower is offered to any person who is willing to comply with these Rules.

2.Food may not be brought into the Library. Water, but no other drinks, may be consumed at the tables.

3.Readers may remove any books from the open access shelves for use in the Library without reference to Library staff.

4.Readers must not replace any books on the shelves; all books used in the Library should be left on the tables or in other designated places.

5.Readers are permitted to use their own books and materials other than sound recordings in the Library.

6.Noise must be kept to a minimum in the quiet, study areas of the library.

7.Mobile telephones should be switched off.

8.Library books or other materials must not be marked or damaged in any way. While using books from the collection, users are responsible for looking after them, and may be made liable for any loss or damage which occurs.

9.No space within the Library may be used for any kind of sale or advertisement without the permission of the Librarian.

10.Fountain pens may be used, but ink jars may not be brought into the Library. Only pencils may be used by readers consulting Rare Books.

11.Smoking is not permitted in the Library.

12.No unauthorized person may alter the arrangement of books, or equipment, or the software of Library computers.

13.Persons carrying books, bags and other materials may be required to submit them to a member of the staff for inspection when leaving the Library.

14.No person may remove a book from the Library unless it has been recorded as a loan.

Borrowing Rules


15.Subject to these rules library books approved for loan may be borrowed by any person who is registered with the library as a current borrower.

16.Books may not be borrowed on behalf of a registered borrower by another person without the written consent of the borrower.

17.Any loan of books must be recorded at the Loans Desk and the books returned there or to the external returns chute at the Library entrance.

18.A borrower may not transfer responsibility for a loan to another person. The person to whom a book has been loaned is deemed to be fully responsible for the book until it has been returned.

Loan periods

19.Unrestricted loans:

University of Divinity research students and Home faculty; also, Online students and Distance borrowers: 28 days

Other borrowers including coursework students: 14 days.

20.Restricted loans:

Online students: First borrowing: 21 days. Renewal: 7 days

Other local students and faculty: 7 days

Other borrower categories: 0 days (may not borrow)

Renewal of Loans

21.Renewal of a loan is not permitted if a hold has been placed on the item. Otherwise:

Short term loans: one renewal is permitted.

Unrestricted loans: an indefinite number of renewals is permitted.

22.Overdue items may be renewed. Borrowers can renew items in "My Account" or by contacting the Library.

23.Home faculty and University of Divinity research students are entitled to borrow up to 30 books at any one time. Other borrowers are entitled to borrow 20.

Reserve Books

24.Until two hours before closing Reserve Books are only available for two hour loans in the Library. In the last two hours of opening they may be borrowed out of the Library until 10 am of the next day on which the Library is open.

Urgent Recall

25.The Lending Services Co-ordinator or Librarian may at any time require that a loan be returned to the Library as a matter of urgency. The borrower will be notified of the date by which the recalled item must be returned. The Library will consider the borrower's home address in setting this date.

Overdue Books


26.A fine may be applied if a borrower does not return or renew a book by the due date. An additional fine may be applied in the case of books that have been urgently recalled and have not been returned by the recall due date.

27.The fines applicable are as follows.

Loans from the General collection: $0.20 per item per day from the due date for unrestricted loans; $0.40 per item per day for restricted (7 day) loans.

Reserve loans: $3.00 per item per day from the due date.

Books which have been urgently recalled: $3.00 per day from the recall due date.

28.A borrower is deemed to have outstanding fines only when her or his overdue fines accumulate to $12.00.

Lost Books

29.Borrowers are required to notify the Library of any item which is lost or damaged while on loan to them.

30.Any item which is not returned within 60 days from the due date will be deemed to be lost.

31.For any book which is lost or irreparably damaged, the borrower shall pay to the Library the cost of replacement or, if the book cannot be replaced, the Library's standard charge, and an additional charge of $25.00 to cover the cost of administrative procedures.

32.Should a lost book subsequently be found by the borrower and returned to the Library, the Librarian may refund to the borrower any payment made for the cost of the book. (The administration charge will not be refunded.)

33.The standard charge for a lost book is the average cost of a book purchased by the Library, and presently equals $65.00.

Suspension of Borrowing and Access Rights

34.If a borrower has outstanding fines or charges in relation to a lost or damaged book: she or he may not borrow an additional item; and, if she or he is a borrower who normally has access to the Library's online resources from an off site location, that access will be blocked.

Indexing of charges

35.All fines and charges may be increased annually to reflect cost increases.

Some Items are not for loan

36.Reference books, journals, maps and materials in closed collections are not available for loan. Some books on the open shelves may also be designated as not for loan. A book may not be physically marked "not for loan" but still be designated by the Library as not for loan.