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Call No. Author Title
BF95 B131 Bácskay András Therapeutic prescriptions against fever in ancient Mesopotamia / 2018.
BP41V N576 Nguyen Du 1765 1820 tale of Kieu a bilingual edition of Truyen Kieu / c1983.
BY85 C168 IEC Calvino Italo Six memos for the next millennium / 1993.
BZ3.5 E42 XD68 Donoghue Denis Words alone the poet T S Eliot / c2000.
BZ3.6 L661 I Levertov Denise 1923 1997 Poems 1972 1982 / 2001.
BZ5 C693 Teaching stories an anthology on the power of learning and literature / 2004.
CH5 C321 New Bible commentary 21st century edition / 1994.
CR42 K26 Keenan James F Commandments of compassion / 1999.
EZ30 H658 Erneuerung der Kirchen Perspektiven aus dem christlich jüdischen Dialog / 2018.
FK78 H498 Hendrickx Herman Third Gospel for the Third World / ├1996-
FS74 W952 Wright N T Nicholas Thomas crown and the fire meditations on the Cross and the life of the Spirit / 1995.
GF22 F711 Ford Michael 1956 Spiritual masters for all seasons / c2009.
GM6 C113 XT88 Tsirpanlis Constantine N liturgical and mystical theology of Nicolas Cabasilas / 1979.
GS6 L847 XT26 B Tekippe Terry J Bernard Lonergan an introductory guide to Insight / c2003.
GS6 T264 XL92 P1EH 1965 Lubac Henri de 1896 1991 Teilhard de Chardin the man and his meaning / [1965]
GW25 XD66 Dole Andrew 1966 Schleiermacher on religion and the natural order / 2010.
GW28 B284 XG979 Guretzki David Karl Barth on the Filioque / c2009.
IC32 M984 Murray Stewart Post Christendom Church and mission in a strange new world / 2017.
IX23 C949 Crosby Michael 1940 Can religious life be prophetic / 2005.
IX23 M162 Men and women in religious life reflections on Which seeds shall grow / 1990.
IX23 O57 Ó Murchú Diarmuid Reframing religious life an expanded vision for the future / c1995.
IX71 J XC87 Coutinho Paul Ignatian pathway experiencing the mystical dimension of the Spiritual exercises / [2011].
IX71 J XH81 Horn John John Philip Mystical healing the psychological and spiritual power of the Ignatian Spiritual exercises / 1996.
IX71 XP71 MEI Plazaola Juan Ignatian highways / 1991.
IX72 072 P964 (01) Silveira Augustine Christo centrism of the first week of the Spiritual exercises / [19--?]
IX72 072 P964 (02) Foley James S directed thirty day retreat scripturally orientated / 19--.
IX72 072 P964 (03) Peters William Discernment of spirits in 1970 two lectures / 1970.
IX72 072 P964 (04) Thiry André Spiritual exercises and the autobiography of Saint Ignatius Loyola a correlation / [197-?]
IX72 072 P964 (05) Burke Thomas A Helps to prepare the retreat director / [196-]
IX72 072 P964 (06) Murray Patrick F S J scriptural retreat arranged according to the Spiritual exercises of Saint Ignatius / 1972?
IX72 072 P964 (07) Foley James S thirty day scriptural retreat a scripturally oriented thirty day retreat according to the Spiritual exercises of St Ignatius / [196-?]
IX72 072 P964 (08) Foley James S six day scriptural retreat / [19--?]
IX72 072 P964 (10) Kirchen Mark W 1943 Directed retreats adapted for high school and college / [19--?]
IX72 072 P964 (11) Arrupe Pedro 1907 1991 Loyola man for all seasons relevance of the Spiritual exercises / [1972?]
IX72 072 P964 (12) Maruca Dominic Toward a theology of the personalized retreat / [19--?]
IX72 072 P964 (13) Robb Paul retreatant in a directed retreat / [19--?]
IX72 072 P964 (14) Futrell John Carroll eight day communitarian retreat based on the Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius of Loyola / [1973?]
IX72 072 P964 (15) Roos Richard H Saint Ignatius Loyola and the holy spirit in the spiritual exercises / 197-.
IX72 072 P964 (16) Enn Josef Holy Scripture and the Spiritual exercises a collection of passages from Scripture for the central themes of the Exercises / 1964.
IX72 072 P964 (17) Cavanaugh Paul W Twilight retreats an adaptation of the Spiritual exercises / [1965?]
IX72 072 P964 (176) Kadowaki Kakichi 1926 Ignatian Exercises and Zen an attempt at synthesis / [1974?]
JG1.8 E36 KEC Ekstatische Konfessionen English Ecstatic confessions the heart of mysticism / 1996.
JG4 C363 XU56 Undset Sigrid 1882 1949 Catherine of Siena / 1954.
JH R821 Rosman Doreen M Evangelicals and culture / 2012.
LG46 H877 1985 Huber Wolfgang 1942 Folgen christlicher Freiheit Ethik und Theorie der Kirche im Horizont der Barmer Theologischen Erklarung / 1985.
LQ1 C525 U Weekly review GKs a miscellany of the first 500 issues of G K s weekly / 1934.
LQ95 W258 Ward Frances 1959 Why Rousseau was wrong Christianity and the secular soul / 2013.
LT20.2 C363 (B598) Hulmes Edward Muhammad / 1986.
LT20.2 C363 (Do72) Jaggar J B Extreme unction / 1927, 1946.
LT20.2 C363 (Do348) Catholic Church Congregatio Sacrorum Rituum Instruction on putting into effect the Constitution on the sacred liturgy / 1965.
LT20.2 C363 (Do349) Vatican Council 2nd 1962 1965 Basilica di San Pietro in Vaticano Bishop Paul Servant of the Servants of God together with the Fathers of the Sacred Council puts on permanent record the dogmatic constitution of the Church De Ecclesia / [├1965]
LT20.2 C363 (R180) Burridge William Our Muslim neighbours / 1987.
LT31.5 J69 Johnson Vernon 1886 1969 One Lord one faith an explanation / 1929.
LZ62 I68 B879 Brown Stephen J France / 1931.
LZ62 I68 C263 Carbery Robert Novena of Grace revealed by St Francis Xavier to Father Mastrilli of the Society of Jesus / 1927.
LZ62 I68 C273 B Carey F P Francis Patrick Blessed Thaddeus MacCarthy / 1937.
LZ62 I68 C273 K Carey F P Francis Patrick Knock and its shrine story of a famed Irish shrine / [1939]
LZ62 I68 C273 P Carey F P Francis Patrick Pius XII / [date of publication not identified]
LZ62 I68 C536 childrens prayer book / [1932]
LZ62 I68 C674 Coffey P Peter 1876 1943 Between capitalism and socialism some landmarks for the guidance of Irish Catholics / 1930.
LZ62 I68 D685 M Donnelly D Daniel 1898 1975 More thoughts for retreat / [1938]
LZ62 I68 G162 Gallagher Leonard What a boy should know being the letters of an uncle to a nephew / [1942?]
LZ62 I68 G212 Garahan Isabel St Jude Thaddeus great helper in difficult cases his history according to tradition / [1937]
LZ62 I68 G995 Gwynn M Xavier Modern missionaries / 1943.
LZ62 I68 J73 C Johnston Thomas Rev church in North Africa / 1930.
LZ62 I68 J73 E Johnston Thomas Rev Ephesus and its great council / [1930]
LZ62 I68 K29 Kelly Hugh S J St Francis Xavier S J 1506 1552 / 1964.
LZ62 I68 L434 Leahy E Ellen 1865 rosary our Ladys mystical garden / 1932.
LZ62 I68 L722 life of St Aloysius Gonzaga S J patron of youth / 1957.
LZ62 I68 L722 B life of Saint John Berchmans S J / 1935.
LZ62 I68 L722 N Life of Nano Nagle / date of publication not identified
LZ62 I68 M173 McQuaid John C Atonement / 1952.
LZ62 I68 M175 MacSeumas P What does life mean / [1952]
LZ62 I68 M296 Maol Iosa At the masters feet again / [1950]
LZ62 I68 N252 G Nash Robert Going to confession / 1942.
LZ62 I68 N252 V Nash Robert Victims for the holocaust / [date of publication not identified]
LZ62 I68 N252 WH Nash Robert Why must I suffer / [1939]
LZ62 I68 N252 WP Nash Robert When you pray / 1941.
LZ62 I68 R318 G Redmond Stephen Gods gospel and your prayer / [1948]
LZ62 I68 R318 L Redmond Stephen Life comes through these / [1958]
LZ62 I68 S543 M Sheil Leonard More easy prayer / [1952]
LZ62 I68 S663 Smith W Peers Mary queen of the Society of Jesus / 1958.
LZ62 I68 V394 Veale Joseph 1921 2002 My living faith / 1947.
LZ62 I68 V872 vocation of the lay brother / 1935.
MR6.2 S923 Strong David 1939 call to mission a history of the Jesuits in China 1842 1954 / 2018
MW61.4 B629 Spirituality / 1994.
MW68M O97 P Owen Michael Property and progress for a pilgrim people how much has the Uniting Church now lost the way / 2017.
MW72.2 E37 Eldred Grigg Stevan 1952 Pleasures of the flesh sex drugs in colonial New Zealand 1840 1915 / 1984.
OA8 G855 Universal wisdom a journey through the sacred wisdom of the world / 1994.
OC S933 (131) Orchard W E William Edwin 1877 1955 Presbyterianism / [1963]
ON23 N735 Niwano Nichiko 1938 Modern meditations a Buddhist sampler / 1990.
ON30 N576 KEH Nhat Hanh Thích Old path white clouds walking in the footsteps of the Buddha / c1991.
OT85 J26 IEB Jalal al Din Rumi Maulana 1207 1273 essential Rumi / 1995.
PP90 O82 OShaughnessy Mary Michael Feelings and emotions in Christian living / c1988.
PP90 S689 L Solomon Robert C Love emotion myth metaphor / 1990.
PW90 R189 Randall William Lowell 1950 Ordinary wisdom biographical aging and the journey of life / 2001.
PX31 M933 Moustakas Clark E Loneliness / 1961.
PX35 H876 Hubbard M Gay 1931 Women the misunderstood majority / c1992.
PX35 L758 H Linn Matthew Healing the eight stages of life / c1988.
PX43 E68 XR62 Roazen Paul 1936 2005 Erik H Erikson the power and limits of a vision / c1976.
PX43 J95 XG76 Grant W Harold William Harold 1933 From image to likeness a Jungian path in the Gospel journey / c1983.
PX43 J95 XS81 IM Stein Murray 1943 In midlife a Jungian perspective / c1983.
PX48 M647 Miller Alice truth will set you free overcoming emotional blindness and finding your true adult self / 2001.
QJ B393 Beck Lewis White Early German philosophy Kant and his predecessors / 1969.
QJ70 S322 QEG Schelling Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph von 1775 1854 Schelling of human freedom a translation of F W J Schellings Philosophische Untersuchungen uber das Wesen der menschlichen Freiheit und die damit zusammenh angenden Gegenst ande / 1936.
QT H263 Discovering reality feminist perspectives on epistemology metaphysics methodology and philosophy of science / c1983.
QU45 G885 Grudin Robert On dialogue an essay in free thought / 1996.
QU70 G659 Goosen Gideon Spacetime and theology in dialogue / c2008.
QZ G883 (188) Yarhouse Mark A 1968 Approaching gender dysphoria / 2018
RA42 J71 Johnson William A William Alexander 1934 search for transcendence a theological analysis of nontheological attempts to define transcendence / [1974]
RA43 W799 Transforming philosophy and religion loves wisdom / c2008.
RA43 Y43 Yelle Robert A Semiotics of religion signs of the sacred in history / 2012.
RB35 H913 Hull John Sense and nonsense about God / 1974.
RC12 E19 1992 Ecumenical Association of Third World Theologians General Assembly 3rd 1992 Nairobi Kenya Spirituality of the Third World a cry for life papers and reflections from the Third General Assembly of the Ecumenical Association of Third World Theologians January 1992 Nairobi Kenya / c1994.
RC40 T312 Religion and modern literature essays in theory and criticism / 1975.
RC65 A848 TEB Assmann Hugo 1933 2008 Practical theology of liberation / 1975.
RC65 T448 Lift every voice constructing Christian theologies from the underside / c1998.
SC10 G794 R2 Greeley Andrew M 1928 2013 Religion a secular theory / c1982.
SD60 H6559 Hilsman Gordon J 1941 Intimate spirituality the Catholic way of love and sex / c2007.
SD60 H8164 Sex texts from the Bible selections annotated explained / c2007.
SD60 L317 Laqueur Thomas Walter Making sex body and gender from the Greeks to Freud / 1992, c1990.
SD86 K545 divine mosaic womens images of the sacred other / 1994.
SD90 O82 Osherson Samuel D 1945 Finding our fathers how a mans life is shaped by his relationship with his father / 1986.
SM31 E68 Erikson Erik H Erik Homburger 1902 1994 In search of common ground conversations with Erik H Erikson and Huey P Newton / [1973]
TE F866 KEM Freire Paulo 1921 1997 Pedagogy of the city / 1993.
TE F866 XM16 Paulo Freire a critical encounter / 1993.
TF3 P175 Palmer Parker J To know as we are known education as a spiritual journey / 1993.
TL33 G876 Groome Thomas H Will there be faith a new vision for educating and growing disciples / c2011.
TL43 C363 I Catholic Church Catechismo della Chiesa cattolica / 1992.
UA70 P448 Healing priesthood womens voices worldwide / 2003.
UB56.1 S287 Scatena Silvia fatica della libertà lelaborazione della dichiarazione Dignitatis humanae sulla libertà religiosa del Vaticano II / c2003.
UG33 C363 PA Catholic Church Bishops Conference of England and Wales Liturgy Commission Parish Mass a resource book for clergy religious and laity / 1981.
UU5 Z18 Zagano Phyllis On prayer / ├1994.
VB5 S121 Sacks Oliver 1933 2015 Musicophilia tales of music and the brain / 2012.
WD70 F115 QED Faber Heije 1907 Pastoral care in the modern hospital / 1971.
XB57 P367 Peck M Scott Morgan Scott 1936 2005 What return can I make dimensions of the Christian experience / 1990, c1985.
XC B912 Brussat Frederic Spiritual literacy reading the sacred in everyday life / 1998, c1996.
XC C689 Cole Roger 1955 Mission of love a physicians personal journey towards a life beyond / 1999.
XC K88 Kownacki Mary Lou Between two souls conversations with Ryokan / c2004.
XC S956 Storming heavens gate an anthology of spiritual writings by women / c1997.
XS A374 Alexander Andy Retreat in the real world finding intimacy with God wherever you are a self guided Ignatian experience / c2009.
XS A779 XN63 Action and contemplation together responses to the letter of Father Arrupe / n.d.
XS A887 Au Wilkie 1944 discerning heart exploring the Christian path / c2006.
XS B281 W Barry William A With an everlasting love developing an intimate relationship with God / c1999.
XS B956 Burghardt Walter J Seasons that laugh or weep musings on the human journey / c1983.
XS C129 Carfagna Rosemarie 1947 Contemplation and midlife crisis examples from classical and contemporay spirituality / c2008.
XS C543 B Chittister Joan Becoming fully human the greatest glory of God / c2005.
XS E58 English John J Discernment and the Examen / 1985.
XS J73 W 1984 Johnston William 1925 Christian mysticism today / c1984.
XS M527 O De Mello Anthony 1931 1987 One minute nonsense / c1992.
XS M866 Morneau Robert F 1938 Gift mystery and calling prayers and reflections / ├1994.
XS O36 OHare Padraic way of faithfulness contemplation and formation in the Church / 1993.
XY80 P283 XS77 Stack Oswald Pasolini on Pasolini interviews with Oswald Stack / 1969.
YE30 A645 Women creativity and the arts critical and autobiographical perspectives / 1995.
YE30 K16 TES Kandinsky Wassily 1866 1944 Concerning the spiritual in art / 1977.
YX93 R768 Spirituality the heart of nursing / c1997.
ZC J83 G Joslin Mary 1953 goodbye boat / 1998.
ZC W734 Willis Jeanne Never too little to love / 2005.
ZC W874 Wood Douglas 1951 Grandads prayers of the earth / 2001.
ZR 1928 Fröbes Joseph 1866 1947 Critica / 1928, 1928/29