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Call No. Author Title
BR65 R649 1934 Robertson A T 1863 1934 grammar of the Greek New Testament in the light of historical research / c1934.
BS88 A655 Q XN49 Apuleius Amor and Psyche the psychic development of the feminine a commentary on the tale by Apuleius / 1971, c1956.
BY93 A275 UEF Agosín Marjorie Zones of pain Las zonas del dolor / 1988.
BZ2 O94 Cambridge guide to literature in English / 1998.
BZ3.5 E42 A Eliot T S Thomas Stearns 1888 1965 complete poems and plays 1909 1950 / [1952].
BZ3.5 E42 I Eliot T S Thomas Stearns 1888 1965 Collected poems 1909 1935 / 1958.
BZ8.3 H325 Hart Kevin 1954 Peniel / 1991.
CB98 2013 Gospels for hearers / 2013.
CL29 KEY Erets Yisrael be mapot mi Medva ve ad ha Lavyan English Holy Land in maps / 2001.
CP20 D781 Benchmarks in time and culture an introduction to Palestinian archaeology / c1988.
CR76 H276 Hareuveni Nogah Nature in our biblical heritage / c1980.
CR76 H276 SEF Hareuveni Nogah Tree and shrub in our biblical heritage / c1984 (1989 printing.
DK69 (22) S453 Seerveld Calvin Balaams apocalyptic prophecies a study in reading Scripture / 2001.
DN F534 Fisher John 1788 1832 probable moral design of historical prophecy being the substance of a charge delivered to the clergy of the Archdeaconry of Berks / 1827.
DN F657 S Fohrer Georg symbolischen Handlungen der Propheten / [1968, c1953].
DX20 U23 Uffenheimer Benjamin Early prophecy in Israel / c1999.
FJ K25 Keating Thomas Crisis of faith crisis of love / 2004.
FN30 M143 McFadden Kevin W Judgment according to works in Romans the meaning and function of divine judgment in Pauls most important letter / c2013.
GG B369 MES Beatrice Pier Franco 1948 Introduction to the Fathers of the Church a teaching aid with color illustrations / c1987.
GM3 O69 PEB2 Origen Origen on first principles / 2018.
GQ B51 XE42 Elias Gillian Bernard of Clairvaux a Cistercian saint / [1992?]
GU3 G793 MEB 2008 Greef W de Wulfert 1939 writings of John Calvin an introductory guide / c2008.
IX24 D781 QEA Driot Marcel Fathers of the desert life and spirituality / c1992.
IX24 M468 Mayers Gregory Listen to the desert secrets of spiritual maturity from the Desert Fathers and Mothers / c1996.
IX51 M575 Merton Thomas 1915 1968 Cistercian life / 1974.
IX71 J XI94 Ivens Michael 1933 Keeping in touch posthumous papers on Ignatian topics including tributes by various authors / 2007.
IX71 J XL22 SEL Lambert Willi sevenfold yes affirming the goodness of our deepest desires / 2005.
IX74 M414 mass of thanksgiving on the occasion of the 450th anniversary of The Society of Jesus and the 500th anniversary of the birth of its founder Saint Ignatuis of Loyola Saint Patricks Cathedral Melbourne Wednesday 31st July 1991 at 6 00 p m / 1991.]
IX79 D671 XF66 Journey in faith and fidelity women shaping religious life for a renewed church / 1999.
JG2 K42 Mystics presence and aporia / 2003.
JG6 G851 Griffin Emilie Wonderful and dark is this road discovering the mystic path / c2004.
JG6 G855 N2 Griffiths Bede 1906 1993 new creation in Christ Christian meditation and community / 1992.
KJ28.5 H243 Hanna Tony Stephen Anthony With respect authority in the Catholic Church / 2008.
LP41.7 V617 XS54 Sheppard Lancelot C Lancelot Capel 1906 Curé dArs portrait of a parish priest / 1963.
LS32 M836 IEB More Thomas Saint 1478 1535 St Thomas More / 1990.
LS38 T974 Two remarkable instances of the extraordinary interposition of providence / 18--]
LS71 D286 Great Britain Parliament House of Lords debate in the House of Lords on the power of Convocation July 15th 1864 with an introduction and the judgement of the Privy Council in Essays and reviews / [1864].
LT20.2 C363 Nassan Maurice Saint Robert Southwell poet and martyr / [1982]
LT20.2 C363 (B513) Gallagher John 1911 2001 Peter Claver slave of slaves / [1979].
LT20.2 C363 (B519) Caraman Philip 1911 Curé dArs / [1980].
LT20.2 C363 (B520) Gallagher John 1911 2001 Matteo Ricci Apostle of China / [1980]
LT20.2 C363 (B528) Gallagher John 1911 2001 Saint Robert Bellarmine / 1980.
LT20.2 C363 (B533) Purdy W A William A Cardinal Bea / 1981.
LT20.2 C363 (B534) Walsh Brendan M Father Spencer / 1981.
LT20.2 C363 (B536) Tugwell Simon Saint Dominic and the Order of Preachers / 1981.
LT20.2 C363 (B538) Ripley Francis J Francis Joseph 1912 Frank Duff a memoir / 1981.
LT20.2 C363 (B541) Griffiths Liam Saint Columban / 1981.
LT20.2 C363 (B546) Halley Shelagh Francis of Assisi / 1982.
LT20.2 C363 (B550) McDonagh Gabriel St Augustine of Hippo / 1982.
LT20.2 C363 (B551) Gallagher John 1911 2001 Saint Jude patron of hopeless cases / 1982
LT20.2 C363 (B553) Littlehales Margaret Mary Mary Ward 1585 1645 a woman for all seasons foundress of the Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary / 1974
LT20.2 C363 (B554) Milcent Paul 1923 Jeanne Jugan foundress of the Little Sisters of the Poor / 1982
LT20.2 C363 (B557) Crozier John St Edmund of Abingdon / 1982.
LT20.2 C363 (B560) Kerr Donal A 1927 Saint Patrick / 1983.
LT20.2 C363 (B562) Rear Michael John Henry Newman / 1983.
LT20.2 C363 (B568) Saward John beggar saint Benedict Joseph Labre / 1984.
LT20.2 C363 (B578) Cowper Eileen Blessed Jacques Laval apostle of Mauritius / 1984.
LT20.2 C363 (B580) Ainsworth W R St Francis de Sales the gentle saint / 1984.
LT20.2 C363 (B581) Todd John M John Murray 1918 1993 Martin Luther / 1985.
LT20.2 C363 (B583) Orchard M Emmanuel Mary Emmanuel Mary Ward once and future foundress / 1985.
LT20.2 C363 (B584) Caraman Philip 1911 1998 St Philip Howard / c1985.
LT20.2 C363 (B587) Davies Brian 1951 Thomas Aquinas / 1985.
LT20.2 C363 (B588) Crean Patrick J Sir William Dai a life of the Venerable William Davies Catholic martyr executed in North Wales at Beaumaris 1593 / 1985.
LT20.2 C363 (B589) Caraman Philip 1911 1998 Margaret Clitherow / c1986.
LT20.2 C363 (B593) Butler David M John Wesley / 1986.
LT20.2 C363 (B594) Mayr Harting Henry Saint Wilfrid / 1986.
LT20.2 C363 (B608) Cary Elwes Columba 1903 1994 St Benedict and his rule / 1988.
LT20.2 C363 (B613) Wilford John T St Gilbert of Sempringham / c1989.
LT20.2 C363 (B615) Dwan Peter St Philip Neri / 1989.
LT20.2 C363 (D592) Julian of Norwich 1343 way of the cross with Mother Julian of Norwich / 1988.
LT20.2 C363 (Do515) Waterhouse Henry O Henry Owen 1903 social message of the Catholic Church / 1980.
LT20.2 C363 (Do551) Yarnold Edward ARCIC catechism questions and answers on the final report of the Anglican Roman Catholic International Commission / 1983.
LT20.2 C363 (Do557) Yarnold Edward Church and the Churches / 1984.
LT20.2 C363 (Do560) Catholic Church Congregatio pro Doctrina Fidei Instruction on certain aspects of the theology of liberation libertatis nuntius / 1984.
LT20.2 C363 (Do587) Evans Michael 1951 Aug 10 Why priests / c1989.
LT20.2 C363 (Do595) Catholic Church Congregatio pro Doctrina Fidei Christian meditation letter to the Bishops of the Catholic Church on some aspects of Christian meditation / 1990.
LT20.2 C363 (DS24) Francis de Sales Saint 1567 1622 Letters to a wife and mother from Saint Francis de Sales / 1980.
LT20.2 C363 (H296) Pantin W A William Abel 1902 Catholic life in medieval England / 1939.
LT20.2 C363 (H473) Watkin Aelred story of Glastonbury / 1982.
LT20.2 C363 (R175) Catholic Jewish relations official documents and pastoral guidelines / 1981.
LT20.2 C363 (S392) Catholic Church Congregatio pro Doctrina Fidei Letter to the Bishops of the Catholic Church on the pastoral care of homosexual persons / 1986.
MD20 M134 McDannell Colleen 1954 Picturing faith photography and the Great Depression / 2011.
MD20 M847 visual culture of American religions / c2001.
MD20 W952 Wright Melanie Jane 1970 Moses in America the cultural uses of biblical narrative / 2003.
ML99.4 K15 Kamehameha IV King of the Hawaiian Islands 1834 1863 Preface to the Book of common prayer / [1863].
NT8 A184 Acland Henry W Henry Wentworth 1815 1900 Medical missions in their relation to Oxford an address to the Oxford University Junior Scientific Club December 1 1897 / 1898.
OB15 F297 biology of religious behavior the evolutionary origins of faith and religion / c2009.
OB30 C188 Myths dreams and religion / 1970.
OC B786 C Cambridge illustrated history of religions / 2002.
OC5 B697 Jews Moslems and Christians children of God / 1988.
OD17 B836 Hidden futures death and immortality in Ancient Egypt Anatolia the Classical Biblical and Arabic Islamic world / c1994.
PP71 F837 TEK Franz Marie Luise von 1915 1998 Dreams / 1998.
PR33 F115 KEK Faber Heije 1907 Psychology of religion / 1976.
PR33 Z85 Zohar Danah 1945 SQ connecting with our spiritual intelligence / 2001.
PU23 K87 Kottler Jeffrey A Beyond blame a new way of resolving conflicts in relationships / c1994.
PV40 K96 Evaluating moral development and evaluating educational programs that have a value dimension / c1980.
PW10 P579 K9ED Piaget Jean 1896 1980 Genetic epistemology / 1971.
PX43 F889 XA64 Appignanesi Richard Freud for beginners / c1979.
PX43 H654 I Hillman James blue fire selected writings / 1991, c1989.
QM7 R961 I Russell Bertrand 1872 1970 In praise of idleness and other essays / 1976.
QN4 M479 I Mead George Herbert 1863 1931 Selected writings / 1964.
QU45 B329 Bateson Gregory Angels fear towards an epistemology of the sacred / c1987.
QX4 G475 Gill Eric 1882 1940 holy tradition of working passages from the writings of Eric Gill / c1983.
RC40 S822 Steiner George 1929 Grammars of creation originating in the Gifford Lectures for 1990 / 2001.
RC65 S439 Searle Joshua T Theology after Christendom forming prophets for a post Christian world / c2018.
RC67 B219 Mestizo Christianity theology from the Latino perspective / c1995.
RC67 K46 Kidwell Clara Sue native American theology / 2001.
RF20.2 P514 UEB Peukert Helmut Science action and fundamental theology toward a theology of communicative action / c1984.
RF20.2 S528 Science technology and religious ideas / c1994.
RF22 P985 Purcell Brendan M 1941 From Big Bang to big mystery human origins in the light of creation and evolution / 2011.
RS87 D341 De La Torre Miguel A Embracing hopelessness / [2017].
SD25 D671 Dominian Jack 1929 Living love restoring hope in the Church / 2004.
SD60 U58 L2 Looking beyond the fig leaves an invitation to explore aspects of our sexuality as Christs community / [1993?]
SD60 W516 West Christopher 1969 Theology of the body for beginners a basic introduction to Pope John Paul IIs sexual revolution / c2009.
SD80.8 K37 Feminist theory a critique of ideology / 1982.
SD86 L954 Luke Helen M 1904 1995 way of woman awakening the perennial feminine / c1995.
SD87 C543 Chittister Joan Life ablaze a womans novena / 1997.
SD90 D725 Doty William G 1939 Myths of masculinity / c1993.
SM53 B996 Byron Gay L Gay Lynne Symbolic blackness and ethnic difference in early Christian literature / 2002.
SY46 S699 Sontag Susan 1933 2004 Regarding the pain of others / 2003.
TE G227 Gardner Howard To open minds Chinese clues to the dilemma of contemporary education / c1989.
TL33 O45 OLeary Daniel J 1937 Begin with the heart recovering a sacramental vision / 2008.
TU10 B872 Brookfield Stephen Becoming a critically reflective teacher / c1995.
TX33 H645 Hill Brennan Faith religion theology a contemporary introduction / c1990.
UG40 M152 McIntyre David M David Martin 1859 1938 table of the Lord a manual for intending communicants / [19--?]
UG86 W945 Wren Brian A 1936 Advent Christmas and Epiphany liturgies and prayers for public worship / c2008.
UU5 D273 Day Dorothy 1897 1980 Praying in the presence of Our Lord with Dorothy Day / c2002.
UU5 G851 Griffin Emilie Doors into prayer an invitation / c2001.
UU5 M596 Metz Barbara Enneagram and prayer discovering our true selves before God / c1987.
VT57 P888 I Powers Jessica Selected poetry of Jessica Powers / c1989.
WA20 D716 Dorr Donal Spirituality of leadership inspiration empowerment intuition and discernment / 2007, c2006.
XC C871 Coutinho Paul How big is your God the freedom to experience the divine / c2007.
XC H843 Houston Jean mythic life learning to live our greater story / c1996.
XC T672 Toor Djohariah Songs from the mountain / 1995, c1994.
XC W726 Williams Rowan 1950 Where God happens discovering Christ in one another / c2005.
XQ6 M257 Maloney George A Alone with the alone an eight day retreat / c1982.
XS D778 Dreyer Elizabeth 1945 Earth crammed with heaven a spirituality of everyday life / c1994.
XS O17 R OCollins Gerald Reflections for busy people making time for ourselves Jesus and God / c2009.
XS S933 Studzinski Raymond 1943 Spiritual direction and midlife development / c1985.