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Call No. Author Title
BZ3.6 L661 T Levertov Denise 1923 1997 This great unknowing last poems / 1999
BZ3.6 S251 Sarton May 1912 1995 Halfway to silence new poems / c1980.
BZ8.5 W519 XC74 W Confoy Maryanne Morris West wandering scholar and restless spirit / 1992.
BZ8.6 W519 West Morris 1916 1999 Images inscriptions / 1997.
CB97 RSV 1946 Bible New Testament English Revised Standard 1946 New Covenant commonly called The New Testament of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ / c1952.
CH W757 African Americans and the Bible sacred texts and social textures / 2000.
DK39 (06) C645 Closen Gustav E Die Sünde der Sohne Gottes Gen 6 1 4 ein Beitrag zur Theologie des Genesis / 1937.
DK70 F757 Foster Raymond S Raymond Samuel These are the words Eleh ha dbarim a study in Deuteronomy / 1987 [i.e. 1989]
DL49 (1:15) Y59 Yonick Stephen Rejection of Saul as king of Israel according to 1 Sm 15 stylistic study in theology an extract from a doctoral dissertation / 1970.
DL49 (2:22) L346 Lass Magdalena zum Kampf mit Kraft umgürtet Untersuchungen zu 2 Sam 22 unter gewalthermeneutischen Perspektiven / [2018].
DN B849 Brickner Balfour 1926 2005 Searching the prophets for values / c1981.
DN H341 Harvey Julien plaidoyer prophétique contre Israel après la rupture de lalliance étude dune formule littéraire de lAncien Testament / 1967.
DN30 B126 Bäckersten Olof 1967 Isaiahs political message an appraisal of his alleged social critique / c2008.
DN38 W729 Williamson H G M Hugh Godfrey Maturin 1947 critical and exegetical commentary of isaiah 1 27 in three volumes / c2006-
DP F133 Books of the Twelve Prophets minor prophets major theologies / 2018.
DX20 D256 Davies Lawrence J D Llewellin 1916 1996 origin and development of early Hebrew prophecy in special relation to the development of Yahwism in Israel / 1959.
DX99 W531 Westman Heinz 1902 1986 structure of biblical myths the ontogenesis of the psyche / c1983.
DY5 B187 Ball Milner S Called by stories biblical sagas and their challenge for law / c2000.
EF W741 Ancient Jewish novels an anthology / 2002.
EH8 K49 Hos Kimhi David approximately 1160 approximately 1235 commentary of Rabbi David Kimhi on Hosea / 1929.
EH85 W651 S Wiesel Elie 1928 Sages and dreamers biblical talmudic and hasidic portraits and legends / c1991.
ER63 B523 Bernards Solomon S living heritage of Passover with an abridged Passover Haggadah in English / [between 1962 and 1964]
FN20 G781 Gray Patrick 1970 Opening Pauls letters a readers guide to genre and interpretation / c2012.
FX97 T782 Travis Stephen Christ and the judgement of God the limits of divine retribution in New Testament thought / 2009, c2008.
GA2 I61 TOC 75-98 International Conference on Patristic Studies 17th 2015 Oxford England Studia Patristica Papers presented at the seventeenth international conference on Patristic studies held in Oxford 2015 / 2017.
GH1 B489 1970 Apostolic Fathers Early Christian collection Apostolischen Väter / 1970.
GM6 G82 XA86 Triune God incomprehensible but knowable the philosophical and theological significance of St Gregory Palamas for contemporary philosophy and theology / 2015.
GN3 IEU Augustine of Hippo Saint 354 430 prayers of St Augustine / 1983.
GT4 C2 1964 Luther Martin 1483 1546 grosse Katechismus Die Schmalkaldischen Artikel / c1964.
HH45 D537 Diamond Jared M Collapse how societies choose to fail or succeed / 2005.
HP32.5 D337 Delaney Carol Lowery 1940 Abraham on trial the social legacy of biblical myth / c1998.
HX72 B731 Boren Henry C Henry Charles 1921 2013 Roman society a social economic and cultural history / 1992.
HZA90 H458 Heenan John Carmel 1905 1975 Were you listening / [1940?].
IA12 E175 (53) Methuen Charlotte Translating Christianity / 2017.
IK D252 Davidson Ivor J public faith from Constantine to the Medieval World A D 312 600 / 2005.
IX55 F819 Franciscans Regula et Constitutiones generales Fratrum Minorum / 1922.
JG1.8 C523 Prayers of the women mystics / c1992.
JG2 M111 Maas F Frans Spirituality as insight mystical texts and theological reflection / 2005.
JG2 S655 Smith Margaret 1884 1970 introduction to mysticism / 1977.
JG2.37 H859 Howells Edward John of the Cross and Teresa of Avila mystical knowing and selfhood / c2002.
JG4 E19 XG72 QEH Gozier André 15 days of prayer with Meister Eckhart / 2000.
JG4 J65 PEC John of the Cross Saint 1542 1591 poems / 2000.
JK11 H477 Hellwig Monika Christian creeds a faith to live by / [1973].
KJ55 H662 Hines Mary E 1943 What ever happened to Mary / c2001.
KK13 B879 S Brown Robert McAfee 1920 2001 spirit of Protestantism / 1961.
KM4 P119 Packer J I James Innell Thirty nine Articles their place and use today / 1984.
LG22 W341 Watson Peter German genius Europes third renaissance the second scientific revolution and the twentieth century / 2010.
LS25.4 S589 Simeon of Durham approximately 1130 history of the Church of Durham / 1988.
LS77.1 T672 Toon Peter 1939 Evangelical theology 1833 1856 a response to Tractarianism / 1979.
LX24 B878 Scottish society in the fifteenth century / 1977.
MD20 G619 Hebrew and the Bible in America the first two centuries / c1993.
MD88 M678 C117 XM47 Maynard Theodore 1890 1956 Too small a world the life of Francesca Cabrini / [1945]
MD88 Q7 Quiñonez Lora Ann transformation of American Catholic sisters / 1992.
MW61.7 S983 S2 Sykes Roberta B 1943 2010 Snake dancing / 1998.
OD66 D252 seer in Celtic and other traditions / c1989.
OG51 G475 Gill Jerry H Native American worldviews an introduction / 2002.
OG51 S949 Native religions and cultures of North America anthropology of the sacred / 2000
OG51 W363 N Native American religious identity unforgotten gods / c1998.
ON23 N576 Nhat Hanh Thích blooming of a lotus guided meditation for achieving the miracle of mindfulness / c2009.
PR33 M482 Meadow Mary Jo 1936 Through a glass darkly a spiritual psychology of faith / 1996.
PX35 G618 IEG Goldbrunner Josef Holiness is wholeness and other essays / 1964.
PX43 J84 Interpreting experience the narrative study of lives / c1995.
PX43 W215 Wallulis Jerald 1947 hermeneutics of life history personal achievement and history in Gadamer Habermas and Erikson / 1990.
PX57 K86 Spiritual transformation and healing anthropological religious neuroscientific and clinical perspectives / 2006.
QK8 B49 XA99 Azouvi François 1945 gloire de Bergson essai sur le magistère philosophique / 2007.
RC40 M466 May John R Nourishing faith through fiction reflections of the Apostles Creed in literature and film / 2001.
RC70.2 Z17 S213-4 Mercer Paul Is the western health system facing an apocalyse / 2016.
RD55 Q5 1994 More questions of faith contemporary thinkers respond / 1994.
RF21 F198 genesis of concepts and the confrontation of rationalities theology philosophy science conference proceedings Louvain la Neuve 7th 9th October 2015 / 2018.
RR28 R877 Christ the Lord studies in Christology presented to Donald Guthrie / 1982.
RS N327 Navone John J Triumph through failure a theology of the Cross / 1984.
RS70 A665 Theosis deification Christian doctrines of divinization East and West / 2018.
RU B112 Babbage Stuart Barton Man in nature and in grace / 1957.
SD80 K89 Routledge international encyclopedia of women global womens issues and knowledge / 2000.
SD86 A549 Anderson Sherry Ruth feminine face of God the unfolding of the sacred in women / 1991.
SF11 S888 Stott John R W Issues facing Christians today / 1990.
SM70 M365 Marsh Charles 1958 Gods long summer stories of faith and civil rights / c1997.
SQ32 B862 Britton Andrew Andrew J Economic theory and Christian belief / 2003.
SR80 G814 Greenleaf Robert K On becoming a servant leader / c1996.
SR80 P682 D Pitcher Patricia C drama of leadership / c1997.
SR80 W557 Wheatley Margaret J Leadership and the new science learning about organization from an orderly universe / c1994.
TE L954 Feminisms and pedagogies of everyday life / c1996.
TE S559 Shor Ira 1945 pedagogy for liberation dialogues on transforming education / 1987.
TF56 B114 Friendship teaching units for the religious education of adolescents / [1967]
UB56.1 V164 Valerio Adriana 1952 Madri del Concilio ventitré donne al Vaticano II / 2012.
UU90.5 R859 Living in Gods justice prayers and reflections / c2006.
VN64.2 W388 gude and godlie ballatis / [1940]
VS64 N478 things that matter an anthology of womens spiritual poetry / 1995.
WD64 A832 Christ the life II studies based on the outline prepared for the Asian Christian Youth Assembly Philippines December 1964 January 1965 / s.d.
WD64 G883 (050) Boyd John Football and faith a game of two halves / 2018
WP2.5 B463 KEN Benedict XVI Pope 1927 Ministers of your joy meditations on priestly spirituality / 1989.
WP4 L925 Lozano Juan Manuel Ministerial spirituality and religious life / 1986.
WP4 S653 Spirituality for ministry seven perspectives / c2006.
WP4 W757 Wimberly Edward P 1943 Recalling our own stories spiritual renewal for religious caregivers / c1997.
XC M645 Millar Peter W Waymarks signposts to discovering Gods presence in the world / 2000.
XD5 B619 Birmingham Madeline Witnessing to the fire spiritual direction and the development of directors one centers experience / c1994.
XD5 M563 Merkle Judith A Judith Ann 1946 Committed by choice religious life today / c1992.
XD5 S821 L Steindl Rast David listening heart the art of contemplative living / 1983.
XE W557 Wheatley Margaret J Perseverance / c2010.
XP K59 Kirkwood Anna Lord of my heart quiet time meditations / 1941.
XR P586 Picardie Justine If the spirit moves you life and love after death / 2002.
XS A925 Aumann Jordan Christian spirituality in the Catholic tradition / 2001.
XS D716 Dorr Donal Spirituality our deepest hearts desire / 2008.
XS K25 J Keating Thomas better part stages of contemplative living / 2000.
XS M169 McNamara William Mystical passion spirituality for a bored society / c1977.
XS M866 M Morneau Robert F 1938 Mantras for the midnight reflections for the night country / c1985.
XS N934 MS Nouwen Henri J M Ministry and spirituality Creative ministry The wounded healer Reaching out / 1996.
XS R212 Ranson David 1959 Across the great divide bridging spirituality and religion today / 2002.
XS30 XB15 Bailey Raymond H 1938 Thomas Merton on mysticism / 1975.
XY85 A735 Armstrong Ben electric church / c1979.
YF23 D287 De Borchgrave Helen journey into Christian art / 2001.
YF67 T455 Thomas Edit King David leaping and dancing a Jewish marble from the Roman imperial period / 1970.
YX37 C338 Casey Juliana M Food for the journey theological foundations of the Catholic healthcare ministry / c1991.