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Call No. Author Title
AGB6.4 M464 G263 Gatti Perer Maria Luisa Massimo il confessore saggio di bibliografia generale ragionata e contributi per una ricostruzione scientifica del suo pensiero metafisico e religioso / 1987.
BH27 D779 Old Syriac Edessean inscriptions / 1972.
BH45 A663 Arayathinal Thomas Aramaic grammar method Gaspey Otto Sauer / 1957-59..
BS82 D855 Duff J Wight John Wight 1866 1944 literary history of Rome from the origins to the close of the golden age / 1953.
CT35 A735 Armstrong Carole Women of the Bible with paintings from the great art museums of the world / 1998.
DL30 C543 Chittister Joan story of Ruth twelve moments in every womans life / 2007.
DX71 D948 Colères et repentirs divins / [2015]
ED85 OEB Maarrath gazze English Book of the Cave of Treasures a history of the patriarchs and the kings their successors from the Creation to the Crucifixion of Christ / 1927.
ER25.1 A648 Apple Raymond 1935 Shabbat services finding your way / [s.d.]
EY40 G493 Ginsburg Christian D Christian David 1831 1914 Kabbalah its doctrines development and literature an essay / 1963.
EY40 H168 Halevi Zev Ben Shimon Tree of life an introduction to the Cabala / 1972.
FN20 H341 Harvey John D 1951 Listening to the text oral patterning in Pauls letters / c1998.
FN39 (09) F756 Foster Robert B 1973 Renaming Abrahams children election ethnicity and the interpretation of scripture in Romans 9 / [2016]
FT31 C855 Re reading Paul a fresh look at his attitude to Torah and to Judaism further guidelines for Christian clergy and teachers in their use of the New Testament with reference to the new Testaments presentation of Jews and Judaism / 2001.
FX67 A638 Aono Tashio Entwicklung des paulinischen Gerichtsgedankens bei den Apostolischen Vätern / 1979.
GG U58 Chrêsis die Methode der Kirchenvater im Umgang mit der antiken Kultur / 1984-
GH1 G293 Apostolic Fathers Early Christian collection Patrum apostolicorum opera textum ad fidem codicum et graecorum et latinorum adhibitis praestantissimis editionibus / 1877.
GH1.2 F529 Apostolic Fathers Early Christian collection Die Apostolischen Väter Griechisch und Deutsch / 1956.
GH3 K1 XB89 Brunner Gerbert theologische Mitte des ersten Klemensbriefes ein Beitrag zur Hermeneutik frühchristlicher Texte / 1972.
GM3 G8 TGD Gregory of Nyssa Saint approximately 335 approximately 394 drei Tage zwischen Tod und Auferstehung unseres Herrn Jesus Christus / 1982.
GM3 O69 O XG89 Gruppo italiano di ricerca su Origene e la tradizione alessandrina Convegno 1st 1996 Chieti Italy dono e la sua ombra ricerche sul di Origene atti del I Convegno del Gruppo italiano di ricerca su Origene e la tradizione Alessandrina / 1997.
GM3 O69 XF36 Fernández Samuel Cristo médico según Orígenes la actividad médica como metáfora de la acción divina / 1999.
GM3 O69 XG89 Gruppo italiano di ricerca su Origene e la tradizione alessandrina Convegno 6th 2002 Turin Italy biografia di Origene fra storia e agiografia atti del VI Convegno di studi del Gruppo italiano di ricerca su Origene e la tradizione alessandrina Torino 11 13 settembre 2002 / 2004.
GN5 A49 XJ15 Jacob Christoph 1958 1996 Arkandisziplin Allegorese und Mystagogie ein neuer Zugang zur Theologie des Ambrosius von Mailand / 1990.
GN5 T33 XC22 Cantalamessa Raniero Cristologia di Tertulliano / 1962.
GP1 C822 v.135E Haymonis Autissiodorensis Annotatio libri Iezechielis imperfecta / 2015
GV98.6 N246 Neale J E John Ernest 1890 1975 age of Catherine de Medici and essays in Elizabethan history / c1958, 1963.
GW28 B284 XK492 Kim Heup Young 1949 Wang Yang ming and Karl Barth a Confucian Christian dialogue / c1996.
HV F513 A Finley M I Moses I 1912 1986 Aspects of antiquity discoveries and controversies / 1977.
HX56 H294 Harper Kyle 1979 Slavery in the late Roman world AD 275 425 / 2015.
HX70.7 D847 Urbs Roma a source book of classical texts on the city its monuments / 1967.
IX85 B463 P947 XH28 D Harker Aidan Dom Denys Prideaux / 1983.
JR22 D257 Davies Rupert E Rupert Eric 1909 1994 Church in our times an ecumenical history from a British perspective / 1979.
JR86 C595 Clark Stanley Charles Unity uniformity and the English church / 1961.
JR86 F533 Fisher of Lambeth Geoffrey Francis Fisher Baron 1887 1972 Anglican Methodist conversations and problems of church unity some personal reflections / c1964.
KA2 C197 Egitto cristiano aspetti e problemi in età tardo antica / 1997.
KM2 L223 XD21 Dark Sidney 1874 1947 Lambeth conferences their history and their significance / 1930.
LU92 W591 XH22 George Whitefield life context and legacy / 2016.
MA5 R646 XH29 Harrell David Edwin Oral Roberts an American life / 1987.
MA5 R651 XH29 Harrell David Edwin Pat Robertson a personal religious and political portrait / c1987.
NR3 F599 Flemming Dean E 1953 Why mission / 2015.
QE91 XD29 Decharneux Baudouin ange le devin et le prophète chemins de la parole dans loeuvre de Philon dAlexandrie dit le juif / c1994.
QE91 XH12 Q Hadas Lebel Mireille Philon dAlexandrie un penseur en diaspora / c2003.
QE94 C574 Ciner Patricia Andrea Plotino y Orígenes el amor y la unión mística / 2001.
QK8 F762 XG87 Foucault et la philosophie antique actes du colloque international du 21 22 juin 2001 organisé par lUniversité Paris XII E A 431 la Société internationale des études sur Michel Foucault et lEcole normale supérieure / c2003.
QN4 L276 XI58 Innis Robert E Susanne Langer in focus the symbolic mind / c2009.
QZ G883 (189) Hayes Andrew Embodying the good introducing James K A Smiths cultural liturgies project / 2018.
RE23 O17 I OCollins Gerald Inspiration towards a Christian interpretation of biblical inspiration / 2018.
RQ20 G688 Goudriaan Aza Philosophische Gotteserkenntnis bei Suárez und Descartes im Zusammenhang mit der niederländischen reformierten Theologie und Philosophie des 17 Jahrhunderts / 1999]
RQ37 J69 Johnson Thomas K Thomas Kurt 1954 What difference does the Trinity make a complete faith life and worldview / 2009, c2008.
RR22 D293 Decharneux Baudouin Jésus / 2007.
RS65 K77 Koch John D Jr 1977 distinction between law and gospel as the basis and boundary of theological reflection / [2016].
RW12 D483 Détré Jean Marie réincarnation et loccident / 2003-2005.
UA77 H893 Hughes Kathleen 1926 1977 Lay presiding the art of leading prayer / 1988.
UG15 B222 XK55 F Kinnamon Michael fundamental question for the Church a resource persons presentation of the Baptism Eucharist Ministry Document and the vision of the Faith Order Commission of the W C C / 1984.
UU8.1 D515 De Waal Esther God under my roof Celtic songs and blessings / c1984.
WQ7.2 H126 Hadden Jeffrey K Prime time preachers the rising power of televangelism / c1981.
XQ5 L856 Longley Sally Walking the labyrinth as the beloved in Johns gospel / Feb. 2016.
XY28 H495 Hendershot Heather Shaking the world for Jesus media and conservative evangelical culture / 2004.
YF23 C692 Negotiating the sacred II blasphemy and sacrilege in the arts / c2008.
YF23 E34 XE47 Works of mercy Fritz Eichenberg / 2004.
YG87 C343 XK64 Klepac Lou 1936 Judy Cassab portraits of artists and friends / 1998.
YG87 C343 XL98 Lynn Elwyn 1917 1997 Judy Cassab places faces and fantasies / 1984.