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Call No. Author Title
AK K37 Kenyon Frederic G Frederic George Sir 1863 1952 Books and readers in ancient Greece and Rome / 1951.
BS88 P728 XS55 Sherwin White A N Adrian Nicholas letters of Pliny a historical and social commentary / 1966.
BZ2.2 J28 XP52 Pfaff Richard William 1936 Montague Rhodes James / 1980.
BZ8.5 J75 XD54 Dibble Brian Doing life a biography of Elizabeth Jolley / 2008.
CF43.7 Q8 Quispel Gilles Tatian and the Gospel of Thomas studies in the history of the western Diatessaron / 1975.
CL20 M755 Monson James M land between a regional study guide to the land of the Bible / ├1983.
DB14 R731 Rogerson J W John William 1935 Cultural landscapes and the Bible collected essays / 2014.
DG S697 Sommer Benjamin D 1964 Revelation and authority Sinai in Jewish scripture and tradition / 2018.
DN49 (02) P828 Popko Lukasz Marriage metaphor and feminine imagery in Jer 21 42 a diachronic study based on the MT and LXX / 2016.
DX85 P531 Anthropology and the Bible critical perspectives / 2010.
DY5 R481 étranger dans la Bible et ses lectures / c2007.
ED91 PGL Odes of Solomon German Oden Salomos / 1995.
ER25 T259 Tefillot Mahzor English New York Selected prayers for the High Holy Days Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur / [1960?]
ER25.9 R952 Rush Barbara lights of Hanukkah / 2003.
FG K15 Kamlah Ehrhard Form der katalogischen Paränese im Neuen Testament / 1964.
FK50 S534 Shaw Frances Discernment of revelation in the Gospel of Matthew / 2007.
FK69 (05) S568 Sidgwick Emma From flow to face the Haemorrhoissa motif Mark 524b 34parr between anthropological origin and image paradigm / 2015.
FX34 K63 Klauck Hans Josef Allegorie und Allegorese in synoptischen Gleichnistexten / 1978.
GE1 R933 Ruhbach Gerhard Altkirchliche Apologeten / [1966]
GM3 C6 RHN Clement of Alexandria Saint approximately 150 approximately 215 Estratti profetici Eclogae propheticae / c1985.
GM3 O69 M XG89 Gruppo italiano di ricerca su Origene e la tradizione alessandrina Convegno 2nd 1997 Pisa Italy Discorsi di verità paganesimo giudaismo e cristianesimo a confronto nel Contro Celso di Origene atti del II Convegno del Gruppo italiano di ricerca su Origene e la tradizione alessandrina / 1998.
GM3 O69 XG89 O Gruppo italiano di ricerca su Origene e la tradizione alessandrina Convegno 4th 1999 Milan Italy Origene maestro di vita spirituale Milano 13 15 settembre 1999 Origen master of spiritual life / 2001.
GM3 S95 L XN65 Nicolosi Salvatore active 1972 De providentia di Sinesio di Cirene studio critico e traduzione / 1959.
GN3 PD61 XP45 De diversis quaestionibus octoginta tribus De diversis quaestionibus ad simplicianum di Agostino DIppona / c1996.
HK5 K15 K Kings gods and people establishing monarchies in the ancient world / 2016.
HP34.2 A161 Abramson Paul R Davids politics servant rebel king / 2016.
HT8 M845 TEM Moretti Mario Tarquinia / 1978, ├1974.
IA50 R291 Rebillard Éric In hora mortis évolution de la pastorale chrétienne de la mort aux IVe et Ve siècles dans lOccident latin / 1994.
IF3 M911 XM51 Meijering E P Geschichte der christlichen Theologie im Urteil J L von Mosheims / 1995.
IS K86 T Transkontinentale Beziehungen in der Geschichte des Aussereuropäischen Christentums / 2002.
IX72 572 K47 Kiechle Stefan 1960 art of discernment making good decisions in your world of choices / 2005.
JG4 J65 XM43 Matthew Iain impact of God soundings from St John of the Cross / c1995.
JM4 S554 Shevill Ian 1917 1988 Modern heresies the facts about Jehovahs Witnesses Seventh Day Adventists Christian Scientists Spiritualists British Israelites / 1956.
JR18 M156 Union of Christendom / 1938.
JR18 M315 reunion of Christendom a survey of the present position / 1929.
JR18 N427 Nelson J Robert John Robert 1920 One Lord one church / c1958.
JR22 N277 National Council of the Churches of Christ in the United States of America National Study Commission on the Ecclesiological Significance of Councils of Churches ecclesiological significance of councils of churches a working paper / 1963.
JR86 W8945 Woods Edward S Edward Sydney 1877 1953 One church an appeal to the ordinary Christian / 1943.
JR96 L425 Lawson John 1909 Full communion with the Church of England a Methodist appeal to Methodists / 1951.
LL42 H111 Christianity in the Netherlands masterpieces from the Museum Catharijneconvent / 2006.
MS2 M156 XI29 Ilsingidokbyeongwon chongdongmunhoe Maekkenjigaui ttaldeul maehyeran maehyeyeong seongyosareul girimyeo / 2012.
MT75 E19 N422 Ripples story of the Ecumenical Christian Centre 1960 1980 / 1980.
MT76 M953 Muir Joseph Rev Why South India churches are considering union this pamphlet is issued in collaboration by the following group of men drawn from differing denominations in a common concern that the south India proposals should receive careful attention in Great Br / [1929]
MW61.7 S538 Shayler Kate long way home the story of a homes kid / 2001.
MW68.6 L518 Le Griffon Heather 60 years camping at Burnside 1946 2006 / 2009.
NR L911 Lovett Brendan For the joy set before us methodology of adequate theological reflection on mission / 2008.
NR8 M858 Mott John R John Raleigh 1865 1955 Co operation and the world mission / 1935.
OC K96 Kulandran Sabapathy 1900 Resurgent religions / 1957.
OT55 S337 Schirrmacher Christine Islamic view of major Christian teachings the role of Jesus Christ sin faith and forgiveness essays / 2008.
QE35 P999 XR55 Riedweg Christoph Pythagoras Leben Lehre Nachwirkung eine Einführung / 2002.
QE78 H55 XM47 Mazzanti Angela Maria uomini dèi mortali una rilettura del Corpus Hermeticum / 1998.
QE94 M397 Masi Giuseppe spiritualismo ellenistico la grande svolta del pensiero occidentale / ├1995.
QF80 O45 OLeary De Lacy 1872 Arabic thought and its place in history / 1939.
QF81 J62 NEM Job of Edessa active 817 832 Encyclopaedia of philosophical and natural sciences as taught in Baghdad about A D 817 or Book of treasures / 1935.
QN4 P378 XM67 Cambridge companion to Peirce / 2004.
QU21 L897 Lovejoy Arthur O Arthur Oncken 1873 1962 revolt against dualism an inquiry concerning the existence of ideas / 1960.
QU37 L897 Lovejoy Arthur O Arthur Oncken 1873 1962 thirteen pragmatisms and other essays / 1963.
QU45 L897 Lovejoy Arthur O Arthur Oncken 1873 1962 Reflections on human nature / [1961].
QU45 M477 Mazzanti Angela Maria uomo nella cultura religiosa del tardo antico tra etica e ontologia / 1990.
QU70 L897 Lovejoy Arthur O Arthur Oncken 1873 1962 reason the understanding and time / 1961.
QY40 H314 Harris George W Reasons grief an essay on tragedy and value / 2006.
RC62 R356 Reid John Kelman Sutherland Christian apologetics / 1969.
RK25 E89 Europäischer Kongress für Theologie 13th 2008 Kommunikation über Grenzen Kongressband des XIII Europäischen Kongresses für Theologie 21 25 September 2008 in Wien / [2009]
RK55 H368 XH46 Heide Gale System and story narrative critique and construction in theology / 2009.
RQ20 K62 Kitamori Kazo 1916 1998 Theology of the pain of God / [1965]
RQ20 M959 Mullins R T Ryan T end of the timeless God / 2016.
SD60 B5341 Berry Carmen Renee unauthorized guide to sex and the church / 2005.
SK98 M629 Midgley Mary 1919 Animals and why they matter / 1983.
SR80 B181 Baldwin Christina circle way a leader in every chair / c2010.
SR80 W618 Whitney Diana Kaplin power of appreciative inquiry a practical guide to positive change / c2010.
TE B289 What is education / 2017.
TR91 S424 M681 C Mitchell James civilised triumph how Scotch hosted Wesley for two years 1942 1943 / c2011.
UD18 J69 Global primary sources freedom of religion or belief human rights and responding to persecution / [2015?]
UU8 M133 In Gods hands common prayer for the world / c2006.
UU8 N427 Nelson J Robert John Robert 1920 Let us pray for unity / ├1963.
VK44U F724 new century hymnal companion a guide to the hymns / 1998.
VQXUc 1995 new century hymnal / 1995.
VT33 N552 Newman Francis William 1805 1897 Hebrew theism the common basis of Judaism Christianity and Mohammedism with revisions and additions to the quarto edition of 1858 / 1874.
WA32 K59 Kirkpatrick Cathy prodigal project journey into the emerging church / 2000.
WB30 L849 Long Thomas G 1946 Testimony talking ourselves into being Christian / 2004.
WD64 M818 Moon Hwarang Engraved upon the heart children the cognitively challenged and liturgys influence on faith formation / c2015.
XQ4 S453 Seerveld Calvin Voicing Gods Psalms / c2005.
XR5 M224 Main John 1926 1982 Death the inner journey / 1982.
XS C345 Cassidy Sheila 1937 Good Friday people / 1991.
XY28 L287 Lanham Richard A Electronic word democracy technology and the arts / 1995.
XY28 L522 TEM Lehikoinen Taisto Religious media theory understanding mediated faith and Christian applications of modern media / 2003.
XY85 Q6 Quicke Andrew Hidden agendas the politics of religious broadcasting in Britain 1987 1991 / 1992.
YF24 P986 Purce Jill mystic spiral journey of the soul / 1974.
YF67 M561 Merian Matthaeus 1593 1650 Bible in word and art text based on the King James version / 1988.
YX24 L6654 Cases in bioethics from the Hastings Center report / c1984.