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Call No. Author Title
BR57.3 V222 Vance Laurence M Greek verbs in the New Testament and their principal parts / c2006.
BR67 W959 Wuest Kenneth Samuel 1893 1962 Wuests word studies from the Greek New Testament for the English reader / 1973.
BV46 D578 Dillard Annie writing life / 2013, c1989.
BV46 G661 Gordimer Nadine Writing and being / 1995.
BV46 G684 Gotham Writers Workshop Writing fiction the practical guide from New Yorks acclaimed creative writing school / 2003.
BV46 G828 Grenville Kate 1950 Making stories how ten Australian novels were written / 1993.
BV46 W228 Speaking of writing seventeen leading writers of Australia and New Zealand fiction answer questions on their craft / 1975.
BV48 C249 L Capps Donald Laughter ever after ministry of good humor / c2008.
BV48 D216 Darden Bob 1954 Jesus laughed the redemptive power of humor / c2008.
BV48 S192 Samra Cal joyful Christ the healing power of humor / c1986.
BZ3.1 B661 rag and bone shop of the heart poems for men / c1992, 1993.
BZ3.5 B636 A Blake William 1757 1827 complete poetry and prose of William Blake / 1988.
BZ5 C545 Choate Pearson laughing Christ / 1933
BZ5 L521 Le Guin Ursula K 1929 2018 Unlocking the air and other stories / c1996.
BZ5 M882 Morrison Toni bluest eye / 1994.
BZ5 M882 S Morrison Toni Song of Solomon / [1987], c1977.
BZ5 S251 R Sarton May 1912 1995 Recovering a journal / 1997, c1980.
BZ5 S251 W Sarton May 1912 1995 world of light portraits and celebrations / 1988, ├1976.
BZ5 W177 Walker Alice 1944 way forward is with a broken heart / 2000.
BZ8.3 D571 Digby Jenny 1956 womans voice conversations with Australian poets / 1996.
BZ8.4 W519 West Morris 1916 1999 heretic a play in three acts / [1970]
BZ8.5 W519 D West Morris 1916 1999 devils advocate / 1960, c1959.
CB97 1961 Bible N T English Wuest 1961 New Testament an expanded translation / 1961.
CD14 V782 Vine W E William Edwy 1873 1949 Vines complete expository dictionary of Old and New Testament words with topical index / c1996.
CD34 A211 Adams Doug 1945 prostitute in the family tree discovering humor and irony in the Bible / c1997.
CD66 C654 Cobbin Ingram 1777 1851 Bible readers hand book combining many of the advantages of a dictionary index concordance natural history geography and commentary explaining the terms and phrases and elucidating some of the most difficult passages of the Holy Bibl / 1848.
DM58 B533 Berrigan Daniel Job and death no dominion / c2000.
EH85 H652 IEK Hillesum Etty 1914 1943 Etty Hillesum essential writings / c2009.
FD D457 DeSilva David Arthur introduction to the New Testament contexts methods ministry formation / c2004.
FJ5 F557 Fitzmyer Joseph A Spiritual exercises of Saint Ignatius and recent Gospel study / [1962?]
FK N736 Nixon Leslie 1932 words of Jesus the master teacher / 2001.
FR8.9 (20) M482 Mealy J Webb After the thousand years resurrection and judgment in Revelation 20 / 1992.
FS90 F939 Frost Michael 1961 Jesus the fool / 1994.
FS90 W799 Wirt Sherwood Eliot Jesus man of joy / c1999.
GS6 N553 IAP9 H Newman John Henry 1801 1890 heart of Newman / c2010.
GW28 S681 IEO Sölle Dorothee Dorothee Soelle essential writings / 2006.
IM3 I61 International Medieval Congress 2002 Leeds England Exile in the Middle Ages selected proceedings from the International Medieval Congress University of Leeds 8 11 July 2002 / c2004.
IX71 J XB95 Burke Thomas A Rules for the discernment of spirits a brief commentary / [19--?]
IX71 J XG32 General Office of the Apostleship of Prayer spiritual exercises in the light of the heart of Christ / 1988.
IX71 J XH89 Hugh G A exercises for individuals and for groups / [196-]
IX71 J XL224 Lambino Antonio B Exercises Ignatian approach to moral decision / 1972.
IX71 J XW37 Weber Robert L Imagination in the Spiritual exercises / [1966?]
IX72 100 S736 Sparough J Michael Whats your decision how to make choices with confidence and clarity an Ignatian approach to decision making / c2010.
IX72 O85 Osuna Francisco Javier origin of community in the Society of Jesus / [19--]
JG2 R162 Rakoczy Susan Great mystics and social justice walking on the two feet of love / c2006.
JG4 T316 XC64 Clissold Stephen 1913 St Teresa of Avila / 1982, c1979.
JG6 U55 IG2 Underhill Evelyn 1875 1941 Evelyn Underhill essential writings / c2003.
JG6 U55 Q1 Underhill Evelyn 1875 1941 Practical mysticism / 1915.
JK18 D411 Reformed confessions of the 16th and 17th centuries in English translation / ├2008-├2014.
KJ27 F529 Fischer Kathleen R 1940 Christian foundations an introduction to faith in our time / c1986.
KJ56.4 L823 Lodi alla Madonna English Sing the joys of Mary hymns from the first millennium of the Eastern and Western Churches / 1982.
KK13 C653 Cobb John B Varieties of Protestantism / [1960]
LS22 C654 Cobbett William 1763 1835 Cobbetts legacy to parsons or Have the clergy of the Established Church an equitable right to the Tithes or to any other thing called church property greater than the dissenters have to the same and ought there or ought there not to be a sep / 1835
MA5 B523 Bernardin Joseph 1928 1996 gift of peace personal reflections / c1997.
MD88 B854 Briggs Kenneth A Double crossed uncovering the Catholic Churchs betrayal of American nuns / c2006.
OB15 S795 Stark Rodney Acts of faith explaining the human side of religion / c2000.
OE32 C188 T Campbell Joseph 1904 1987 Transformations of myth through time / c1990.
OL23 S531 Sharma Chandradhar critical survey of Indian philosophy / 1960.
OM27 A147 Abhishiktananda Swami 1910 1973 Guru and disciple / 1974.
OM27 G855 C Griffiths Bede 1906 1993 cosmic revelation the Hindu way to God / [1987], c1983.
ON27 G687 Mystik im Buddhismus und im Christentum und Aspekte des interreligiösen Dialogs / 2006.
ON33 R546 Ridley Michael Buddhism / 1978.
OT85 B356 Bayat Mojdeh Tales from the land of the Sufis / 1994.
PP87 G227 Gardner Howard Creating minds an anatomy of creativity seen through the lives of Freud Einstein Picasso Stravinsky Eliot Graham and Gandhi / c1993.
PW90 L954 Luke Helen M 1904 1995 Old age journey into simplicity / 2010.
PW90 T686 Tornstam Lars 1943 Gerotranscendence a developmental theory of positive aging / c2005.
PX43 J95 XS81 JM Stein Murray 1943 Jungs map of the soul an introduction / c1998.
PX43 J95 XW41 Wehr Demaris S Jung feminism liberating archetypes / c1987.
PX64 C652 Coakley Thomas F Thomas Francis 1880 1951 Spiritism the modern satanism / c1920.
QU45 D942 Dupré Louis K 1925 Transcendent selfhood the loss and rediscovery of the inner life / c1976.
QY61 N425 D Nelson Carl Ellis 1916 Dont let your conscience be your guide / c1978.
QZ G883 (190) Andrews William Government as judgment a biblical theory of government / 2018.
RC40 W953 Wright T R Terence R 1951 Theology and literature / 1988, c1987.
RE23 J45 Five gold rings powerful influences on prominent people / 2003.
RN30 T478 Thompson Uberuaga William 1943 Fire and light the saints and theology on consulting the saints mystics and martyrs in theology / c1987.
RS70 M912 Mosley David Russell Being deified poetry and fantasy on the path to God / 2016.
RU W726 Williams Rowan 1950 Being human bodies minds persons / 2018.
SD31 C652 Coates Richard J Rome and marriage / 1967
SD60 P573 S Phipps William E 1930 2010 sexuality of Jesus / 1996.
SD61 W447 Welldon Estela V Mother madonna whore the idealization and denigration of motherhood / c1992.
SD82 H219 Hamilton Roberta liberation of women a study of patriarchy and capitalism / 1978.
SD84 H465 Heilbrun Carolyn G 1926 Hamlets mother and other women / 1990.
SD87 F529 Fischer Kathleen R 1940 Transforming fire women using anger creatively / c1999.
SD87 G166 Gallen Joseph F Femininity and spirituality / [1961?]
SD87 H315 Harris Maria Jubilee time celebrating women spirit and the advent of age / 1996.
SH43 C649 Clump Cyril C economic and political life of man / 1947.
SH43 C6494 Clune George Christian social reorganisation / 1940.
SJ26 C693 Coles Robert call of service a witness to idealism / 1993.
SP35 C649 Clump Cyril C Marxism / 1937.
SQ40 C652 Coady Moses 1882 1959 Masters of their own destiny the story of the Antigonish movement of adult education through economic cooperation / 1939.
SR20 K64 Klein Naomi 1970 shock doctrine the rise of disaster capitalism / 2007.
SR80 W557 F Wheatley Margaret J Finding our way leadership for an uncertain time / 2007.
SX20 H114 IEN Habermas Jürgen new conservatism cultural criticism and the historians debate / c1989, reprinted 1994.
TE C281 Carley Moira Teresa Creative learning living the human element / 2005.
TU62 G351 C976 Curran Robert Emmett history of Georgetown University / c2010.
TX26.1 C697 M685 Mize Sandra Yocum Joining the revolution in theology the College Theology Society 1954 2004 / c2007.
UA77 D853 Dues Greg Called to parish ministry identity challenges and spirituality of lay ministers / c1995.
UG17 S299 I Schanz John P Introduction to the sacraments / c1983.
UG22 B967 Burns Stephen 1970 Immersed in grace exploring baptism / 2005.
UG27 M471 Maynard Canon Holy Baptism by Rev Canon Maynard / [s.d.]
UG54 P949 Priest Two letters concerning a first confession / [s.d.]
UL64 C363 P Catholic Church Pontifical services / 1901-1908.
VT57 S539 Shea John 1941 hour of the unexpected / c1977.
VT57 S539 G Shea John 1941 God who fell from heaven The hour of the unexpected / c1992.
WA20 B293 Barton R Ruth 1960 Pursuing Gods will together a discernment practice for leadership groups / c2012.
WA20 R356 Reid J M John M 1924 art of change faith vision and prophetic planning / c2009.
WD64 G883 (051) Vaughton James Shaping Church to disciple young people intentionally fostering relationship based discipleship / 2018.
WD64 M411 Mason Michael Michael Christopher 1942 spirit of Generation Y young peoples spirituality in a changing Australia / 2007.
WP2.5 P324 Paul VI Pope 1897 1978 mission of the priest / 1975.
WP2.5 R914 Ruddy Christopher 1970 Tested in every way / c2006.
WP3 C293 Carotta Catherine Cronin Sustaining the Spirit callings commitments vocational challenges / 2005.
WP3 G826 Pastoral ministry for today Who do you say that I am conference papers 2008 / 2009.
XC M466 May Gerald G awakened heart opening yourself to the love you need / 1993.
XD5 A813 Aschenbrenner George Consciousness examen / 2007
XD5 C752 Connolly William J Contemplation and social consciousness in the context of the directed retreat an experiential approach / 1974.
XD5 F252 Together before the Lord religious community today / 1983.
XD5 F663 Foley James S S J directed eight day retreat scripturally orientated / 1973?
XD5 Y94 Religious life the challenge of tomorrow / c1994.
XG6 R165 Ram Dass 1931 Still here embracing aging changing and dying / 2001.
XQ6.7 R981 Rutledge Fleming seven last words from the cross / 2005.
XS C649 Clynes Raphael Sixty holy hours / 1963.
XS30 J4 Merton Thomas 1915 1968 Bridges to contemplative living with Thomas Merton / 2006-
XY81 A645 Apostle / 2006.
XY81 G676 gospel of us / 2012, 2013.
XY81 L349 last temptation of Christ / ├1998, 2003.
XY81 L495 Left behind / [2015]
XY81 P288 Passion of the Christ Motion picture 2004 Passion of the Christ / c2010.
XY81 S266 Saved / c2005.
XY81 S759 Spirited away Sen to Chihiro no kamikakushi a film by Hayao Miyazaki / [2004]
YE30 B869 Bronowski Jacob 1908 1974 visionary eye essays in the arts literature and science / 1978.
YE43 K16 Kaniel Michael Judaism / 1979.
YF23 B396 Beckett Wendy gaze of love meditations on art and spiritual transformation / c1993.
YF24 C578 KES Cirlot Juan Eduardo 1916 1973 dictionary of symbols / 1971.
YT8 B786 Recipes for reading community cookbooks stories histories / c1997.